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Yes, registering is completely free!

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You use your Facebook credentials to log in to STAY JAPAN.

To save your time, you can use your Facebook account to sign into STAY JAPAN.
If you registered using "Sign Up With Facebook" then all you have to do is click "Log In With Facebook". And other users cannot view your Facebook account information via STAY JAPAN.

You need to register an account in order to place reservation requests.

Once you register, you'll be able to place reservation requests, contact customer service by email or phone, and even post reviews! A STAY JAPAN account is also required for hosts who want to offer a room. Plus, you'll receive exclusive info via our newsletter!

It can be seen only by the host upon sending a reservation request.

After the reservation request has been sent, your email can be disclosed to the property owner only as contact information.
We will not disclose your address to third parties, so please do not worry.

Your birthday will not. If you don't set a nickname then your first name will display over your reviews.

Your birthday will not be made public. However, if you don't set a nickname, then your first name will display over any reviews you leave on the site. If you'd rather keep your name private, be sure to enter a nickname! Please note that when placing a reservation request, the host of the room will be able to see your full name.

First, make sure you entered your email address correctly when you registered. Sometimes it takes a while for the confirmation email to send, so please wait a little longer. Lastly, check any mail filters you have, just in case.

Please check if there is a misspelling in your email address when you registered. Try registering again with the same email address, if you get the message "This email address is already in use," then you'll know you have typed correctly in the first time.

Sometimes it can take up to 5 minutes for the confirmation email to send. Try refreshing your inbox again in 5 minutes. Also, please check your spam folder and all your mail folders.

Please check your email filter settings.

It's possible your email inbox is marking email from STAY JAPAN as spam. Please use the following resources to determine how to correct your spam settings.

How to Reset Spam Filters in Gmail
How to Reset Spam Filters on Mobile

Yes, you can. Please follow the guide below.

1. Navigate to the STAY JAPAN Login page. (Not the Register page!)
2. Enter the email address and password you used to register, then click the LOGIN button.
3. Click the "Resend Confirmation Email" link at the top of the page.

If, after following these steps, you STILL haven't received your confirmation email, please use the link below to contact us.
Contact Us

Please double check if your registration process has completed.

It is possible your registration has not been completed. Please follow the below procedures to check.
1.Check your e-mail inbox for an email address confirmation letter.
if you didn't receive a confirmation e-mail, please check I need help.
2.If you have received the confirmation e-mail, have you click and confirm?
If you have clicked the link, but still couldn't register smoothly. Please request for a resend of confirmation e-mail.
Please follow the below link forhelp.

If you are using your Facebook account to register, you do not have to enter your e-mail and password. Please click 'log in with Facebook' instead.

Please contact Customer Support.

Please use the link below to contact us. Once we receive your message, customer service will get back to you shortly.

Contact Us

To verify your identity, please include the following in your message:
- Your name
- Your birthday
- Your address
- Your phone number(s)
- Your email address(es)

Your email address has been temporarily or officially registered. Try registering or logging in again.

The email address you used has already been registered, either officially or temporarily. If it's been officially registered, go to the Login page and enter your email address and password in the text fields on the left side of the page. (If you've forgotten your password, refer to the next question.)

If it's been temporarily registered, look for the confirmation email sent to your inbox. Check your mail folders, then click the URL in the confirmation email to complete registration.

If you can't find the confirmation email, you can have it resend to you. Please refer to this question for details.

Japanese citizens do not need a passport.

Non-Japanese visitors are required to show their passport as proof of their identity when staying in Japan, but this does not apply to Japanese citizens.

No, but we recommend that it is.

Accounts that include a photo of the user's face are seen as more trustworthy, so we strongly recommend it.

As a general rule, non-Japanese users should use their passport, and Japanese users should use either their passport, driver's license, or insurance card.

Non-Japanese users and non-Japanese residents,
You must upload the photo page of your passport. In addition, you must bring your physical passport with you when check-in

Japanese citizens and those who have Japanese address:
You can use either your passport, driver's license, or insurance card.

You can upload a photo for your identification on the User Verification page.

Follow these steps to upload your photo:

1. Log in to STAY JAPAN, click on My Menu or red menu button in the upper right corner.
2. Click on Profile
3. Go to User Verification.
4. Follow the guide on the User Verification page to take a photo of your passport.(The easiest way to do this is to use your smartphone.)
5. Follow the instructions on Verification page and click on Select file button lower down on the page.
6. Then select the photo that you just took and click Open.
7. Make sure your photo has passed our checklist, then click the Upload button.

Please check to make sure you haven't missed any required fields.

Is an error message displayed? Make sure you haven't missed any required fields.

Please reset your password.

You can reset your password on the Password page, which you can access by clicking the "Forgot Password?" link at the bottom of the Login page.


After you login, go to the Email page to add a new email address.

To change your main email address, go to the Email page and follow these steps:

1. Add a new, unverified email address.
2. Check that email address for a confirmation email. Click on the provided URL and verify the email address.
3. Once the email address is verified, a "Set as main email address" button will display. Click it, and this email address will move to the top of the Email page.
4. A "Delete" button will display next to the old email address. Click it. You're done!

You can do so by checking your reservation list.

Follow these steps to access your reservation list:

1. After logging in, click the red menu button in the top right corner.
2. ForTravelers go to My reservations to access the Reservations page.

For hosts, you can do the same by clicking on Guest reservations.


You can disconnect your current account first and then reconnect with the new account after you log in.
Please refer to the below steps of 'How to':
1.Please log-in from your 'profile' -> 'password' page
2.In 'profile' -> 'connect accounts' -> click 'disconnect accounts'
3.Log in with the new SNS account, which you would like to connect to.
4.Go to 'profile' - 'connect account' and select 'connect with account'

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