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You can use the search feature to look for a room.

On STAY JAPAN, you can look for lodgings via the Search page or Top page.
You can search for a room by entering key words etc. on the top page and clicking on the search button.
It is possible to set up more details under Filters to see the room that would meet your requirements.

Yes, some rooms have Wi-Fi available!

On the Search page, under Filters, you can select Wireless Internet to search for rooms with Wi-Fi.
In addition, you can check Internet availability under the Room Features heading on a given room's details page.
Please contact the host of the room to confirm whether it is free or charged.

You can check the details on the property page.

In addition to the introduction of the property, it is possible to confirm from the pictures of the room and Room features equipment and amenity.
Also, after sending a reservation request, you can exchange messages with the host directly from Reservation Details page.

Some rooms may not have proper bedding or facilities that are suitable for infants.

Some hosts may be unable to accommodate families in their rooms. You can check the Room Features heading on the room details page to see if "Family / Kid Friendly" is crossed out.

It varies by room, but you will have everything you need for a pleasant stay.

STAY JAPAN offers a wide variety of rooms, and different hosts offer different amenities. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrushes, etc. are not guaranteed.
Please check in advance on the property page Room Feauters and Amenities.

You can tell at a glance from the Check-in / Check-out calendar.

On the room page, select Check-in / Check-out to see the calendar. If your desired date is selectable, that means it's available! However, please note that in some instances (such as reservations made from other sites) the calendar may not be 100% accurate.

It varies by room.

Some rooms have seasonal rates available, so please be sure to confirm directly with the host via the Contact option on the room details page. (You must first be a registered user.)

Because our rooms are often private residences, we keep the exact address private until the reservation is approved.

To protect the hosts' privacy, we don't list the exact address of a room until after you have made a reservation. Once your reservation has been approved, you can see the address on the reservation details page. In addition, the address will be listed in the reservation confirmation email.

You will receive the host's contact information upon making a reservation.

Since phone numbers are private information, we do not list them publicly prior to making a reservation.

It varies from room to room.

Some rooms may offer discounts for long reservations. Check the Property Rates listed on the room details page.

It means that the host must approve your reservation request before the reservation is official.

At STAY JAPAN, most of our rooms are personal residences. We therefore use a reservation request/approval system. The host has 72 hours to approve your reservation request before it is cancelled automatically. (Your credit card will only be charged if the reservation is approved.)

Only users who have verified their identity can reserve this type of room.

Users will need to verify their identity before they can book this type of room. To do so, go to "User Verification" on your Account page. From there, you will be able to upload your photo ID for identity verification.

You can contact the host after making a reservation request.

After you've made a reservation request, you will be able to contact the host directly. Alternatively, you can also contact STAY JAPAN customer support centre for any questions.

It varies from room to room, please check the information page before you make the booking.

The minimum stay varies from different rooms, some may require 1 night only, some may require 6 nights or more. Please check the information page when you make the room reservation.

Not all rooms have 6 nights minimum stay. Some guest house offer no minimum stay.

In accordance with the hotel regulation, guest house in certain areas may require minimum stay.
As of July 2018, according to Special Zone Private Lodging Act in such areas like Ota Ward, Osaka City Osaka Prefecture the minimum stay is over 2nights.
Majority of other areas require no minimum stay.

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