About Optional Services

Reservation of Optional Services can be made together with the reservation of accommodation.

Each Optional Service, such as canoeing and Farmstay, can be set up individually.
Mainly Optional Service is a service that can be provided for the period between check-in and check-out dates.
Please apply for the Optional Services after reading all the details.

You can apply for Optional Services at the time of booking accommodation or even when your reservation request has been already confirmed by the host.

Available Optional Services of the property can be seen on the page of the property.
When sending a reservation request, enter check-in / check-out dates and the number of guests.
You will see "Request more optional services" button.

Please click on it and choose the Optional Services you wish to apply.

Optional Services can be purchased from Reservation details page.

Even if the reservation request has been already confirmed by the host, stilll you can book Optional Services.
To book Optional Services please refer to My reservations, Reservation details page.

Also, as the number of purchased options will be displayed,
please select the total number and press "Request optional services" button.

※ Payment will be processed with the credit card used at the time of booking.

As well as some rooms with Instant booking system, STAY JAPAN has instant booking system for Optional Services.

Instant booking of Optional Services can be confirmed immidiately after being placed.
For accommodations with host approval system, Optional Services should be also approved by the host.

Each Optional Service has its own deadline when the purchase should be done.

Some Optional Services can not be purchased after sertain deadline.
In case you can not purchase the Optional Services, please contact your host directly via messaging feature.

Coupon can be used together with the room reservation.

Discount coupons can be used only if you send a reservation request together with Optional Services request,
and discount will be provided for accommodation fee and Optional services fee together.
Please note that coupon can not be used if you wish to add more Optional Services later.

Please contact the host of the property.

Please contact your host if you are unable to use Optional Services you have booked.
STAY JAPAN will recieve an enquiry from the host and we will process a credit card refund accoridingly.

If you have made a reservation already, please contact your host via messaging feature.

On Reservation details page click on "Messages" button, write the question you would like to ask and click on "Send" button.
Optional Services are available for additional purchase even if the reservation has been already made.
If you have any questions regarding Optional Services, you can ask your host firts and then book Optional Services.

As Optional Services can not be changed from reservation records, please send us your enquiry using Contact form.

It's impossible to change or cancel Optional Services only, so please send us your enquiry with the items you wish to change:
- Reservation Number
- Full name of the guest
- Name of the property
- Check-in date

STAY JAPAN will provide support in a timely manner.
Please be aware that in case of cancellation of Optional Servises a cancellation fee may apply.

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