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Nakijin Village is a village located in Kuni-gami District, Okinawa Prefecture. Surrounded by beautiful blue waters and a rich natural environment, it is home to the Nakijin Castle Ruins, once the residence of the governor of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Nakijin-son offers truly unique cultural experiences, and the opportunity for you to meet lovely local people and live fantastic adventures.

Discover Nakijin Village

SUP yoga

Welcome to SUP Yoga school!
Paddle Board Yoga is yoga performed on a Stand Up Paddleboard in calm waters. SUP Yoga combines the art of yoga and Stand Up Paddleboarding into a peaceful union. Enjoy a wonderful experience as you float on the crystal clear waters of Nakijin Village.

  • Don’t be afraid of falling!
    Don’t be afraid of falling!
  • Let the sunset soothe you
    Let the sunset soothe you


Let’s go watch a bullfight!
Okinawan bullfighting is quite different from western-style bullfights: Two bulls face each other in a ring in a classic battle of brute strength and endurance; the bull to give in first loses, and no animals are killed.

  • Bullfight in Nakijin Village
    Bullfight in Nakijin Village
  • The winner in a king robe
    The winner in a king robe

tropical fruits

Enjoy Okinawa’s sunny and colorful fruits, also said to be the secret of the inhabitants’ longevity. There are lots of colorful, delicious fruits unique to the subtropics in Okinawa. One of them is the Nakijin Mango, famous for being the most tasty and sweetest mango the island has to offer.

  • okinawan shaved ice with mango
    okinawan shaved ice with mango
  • Enjoy fresh and sweet mangos
    Enjoy fresh and sweet mangos

want to stay in nakijin?

Live the local life! Stay in a traditional Japanese house or in a modern apartment and discover daily life in Japan in a unique way.
Ideal for leisure or business trips and short to long-term stays, STAY JAPAN’s accommodations allow you to enjoy a deeper experience of the local culture.

nakijin tourism association

“Nothing but everything”. That is the slogan of Nakijin Village. If you are looking for white sand beaches and clear blue waters, then Nakijin Village is the perfect place for you.

feel the local atmosphere

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