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Beautiful design! Farmhouse Guest House Tatsuya

Meals and activities are included in the room rate



This farmhouse guest house was built over 130 years ago and renovated to become a lodging facility.

The location offers the best view of Toyama Bay, which is famous as "the calmest sea in Japan. I fell in love with this location. Having lived in Shonan for a long time, the idea of "creating Shonan in Noto" gave birth to our inn, "Farmhouse Guest House Tatsuya.

Please enjoy a quality time at Tatsuya that you cannot experience in the city.

Accommodation Plan
The accommodation fee includes meals and a variety of activities (experiences). You can stay in a carefully designed space, enjoy meals prepared with fresh ingredients, and enjoy a variety of activities at no extra charge.

*Children's rates are available for children of elementary school age and younger. Please apply from the options.

This is not a house rental accommodation. This is a homestay type accommodation. Please be sure to make a reservation.

◎Activities that can be experienced at no extra charge
Please let us know your desired activity at the time of reservation.
SUP experience (the new standard of marine sports)
Pedal SUP Experience
Snorkeling experience
Trial Bike Experience (Trial bike course is available in the back of the mountain.)
Cooking experience by making a fire in a kamado (cooking stove)

◎Insane check-in and check-out times for a free trip
Unique CI/CO hours that are different from those of ordinary lodges, so you can arrange your trip as you wish.
Check-in 6:00 - 20:00
Check-out 10:00-17:00
*Please contact us for late night check-in and early morning check-out.
*Please note that we may not be able to meet your request depending on the reservation situation.

◎Local fresh seafood and mountain delicacies are served for your dining pleasure.
Irori (open hearth), kamado (fireplace), kiln dishes, and sashimi are standard for dinner. Depending on the season, you can enjoy oysters (spring), rock oysters (summer), Taiwanese gazami (giant blue crab, fall), oysters, snow crab, and cod (winter).

Dinner: 18:00~20:00, dining room (common space)
Breakfast: 5:00~10:00, dining room (common space)

Allergies can be accommodated. Please be sure to consult us in advance (we cannot accommodate requests made on the day of your stay).

■About the rooms
We have three bedrooms available for our guests. The capacity of each room is as follows, but the maximum number of guests who can stay in a room at one time is limited to 12.
Western-style room (20 tatami mats): Capacity of 5 persons, 5 single beds
Japanese-style room (14 tatami mats): maximum capacity of 5 persons, 5 sets of futon bedding
Japanese-style room (16 tatami mats): Capacity: 6 persons, 6 sets of futon bedding

■About the Farmhouse Guest House Tatsuya Facilities
We had designers who have worked on commercial facilities in the Tokyo metropolitan area participate in the renovation of the old minka. The history and architectural methods of the old minka have been preserved, while the iki of modern design and the playful spirit of the designers have been incorporated to create a beautiful and enjoyable design space.

[Here are some key points.]
Stylish condominiums are available.
The "detached house," which was originally a work shed, has been converted into a stylish condominium. Please consult with us if you wish to use it.

There is a counter bar with a view of the sea.
There is a counter BAR with a view of the sea in the front of the building, which was designed in the image of a gate with eight legs, and it is always connected to the sea by a handmade pier. A drink while looking out over the calm and gentle waters of Toyama Bay will surely soothe and moisten your thirsty and weary heart.

Bathrooms, toilets (with bidet), and washrooms are provided.
Please use the bath between 18:00 and 23:00. (*Dyeing your hair, taking a bath after drinking alcohol, or leaving the water running is prohibited.)

■Coronavirus Prevention
We are making every effort to ventilate the rooms as much as possible by opening windows and operating ventilation fans, etc.
The hotel takes thorough health precautions such as wearing masks, disinfecting hands, and gargling.
We ask our guests to take their temperature, wear masks, disinfect their hands when entering the building, and gargle.

Nearby facilities and restaurants
Convenience store, supermarket
Convenience store (10 minutes by car)
Supermarket (10 minutes by car)

Sightseeing spots
Myosenji Temple
Founded approximately 1,370 years ago, this is the oldest temple in the area. The five-story stone pagoda on the temple grounds is a nationally designated important cultural property.

Raigo-ji Temple
This is an old Shingon Buddhism temple built in the 9th century. The chrysanthemum cherry tree on the temple grounds is over 600 years old and is a natural monument of the prefecture.

Tidal Wave Path
This is a promenade along the Yuhigaoka Plateau that juts out from downtown Anamizu into Nanao-Kita Bay. It is more than 2 km long, and visitors can fully enjoy the lake-like tranquility of Anamizu Port and the shores of Nanao-Kita Bay.

Satori no Michi
A stone-paved walking path that weaves between Buddhist temples and shrines. It seems as if it is trying to convey something to the present day, transcending time and space.

Noto Longevity Buddha
The 8.4-meter-high Great Buddha is enshrined in Shinwaen on a hill on the coast of the Otogasaki area. Surrounded by a small park, there is a three-story pagoda and 11 Buddhist statues of Shinran Shonin, Kannon, Kobo Daishi, etc., which are enshrined in the park and are popularly known as the Shinwaen 11 Places Tour.

Approximately 15 minutes by car from Noto Airport.
Approximately 70 minutes from Kanazawa Station by car.
Approximately 5 minutes on foot from Noto Kashima Station.



(Consumption tax and fee included)
  • Children's rate (1 night with half board)Futon available / Children's meals available Elementary school students and younger
  • Children's rate (1 night with half board)No futon / Children's meals available Elementary school students and younger


Room type
Private Room
Traveler number


Total number of bedrooms: 3
 Western-style room (1): Capacity 5 people, 5 single beds, 20 tatami mats
 Japanese-style room (2): Capacity 5 people, 5 futon sets, 14 tatami mats
 Japanese-style room (3): Capacity 6 people, 6 futon sets, 16 tatami mats



06:00 - 20:00
10:00 - 17:00
Host Approval
Minimum nights
1 night
Maximum nights
30 nights


Bathing hours are from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Free parking is available on the premises. (Max. 6 cars)
The owner is in the management office of the hotel. Please contact us if you have any problems.
Please consult with us about bringing your pets.
We have a wealth of knowledge about Kojiki and Japanese history, so we will talk to you if necessary.




  • Kitchen
  • Bathtub
  • Desk
  • Couch
  • Air Conditioning
  • Drying Rack
  • Iron
  • TV
  • Fridge
  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer
  • Microwave Oven
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Rice Cooker
  • Hair Dryer
  • Internet
  • Wireless Internet
  • Bed/Futon


用意のある設備:専用玄関、専用リビング、お湯、ノートパソコン用デスク、囲炉裏、消火器、火災報知器、一酸化炭素検知器、コーヒーメーカー、EV充電器、中庭、ごみ箱 Facilities provided: private entrance, private living room, hot water, laptop desk, hearth, fire extinguisher, fire alarm, carbon monoxide detector, coffee maker, EV charger, patio, trash can


  • Face Towel
  • Bath Towel
  • Bed Sheets
  • Bath Mat
  • Hand Soap
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Disposable Mask
  • Body Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Detergent
  • Tableware
  • Kitchenware
  • Toothbrush
  • Pajamas
  • Hangers


用意のある備品:基本の調味料、基本のカトラリー、ホットプレート、土鍋、カセットコンロ、消臭剤、電気ケトル Equipment provided: basic seasonings, basic cutlery, hot plate, earthenware pot, cassette stove, deodorant, electric kettle


  • Pets Allowed
  • Smoking Allowed
  • Ventilation
  • Pick-up Service
  • Free Parking
  • Luggage Storage
  • Coronavirus Precautions


Daily price
Weekend price
Cleaning fee
Free of charge
1 week discount
Not set
2 week discount
Not set
Monthly discount
Not set
Additional cost per person
¥22,403/night(with tax) From the first 2 people
Weekend additional cost per person
¥22,403/night(with tax) From the first 2 people

The above rates are basic rates (including consumption tax and service fee) and may vary depending on the itinerary and season.
The “Total (Tax included)” displayed after entering the check-in and check-out dates and the number of guests already includes consumption tax and service fees. No additional charges will be added until the reservation is approved.


  • More than 8 days ago :0%
  • 7 days before 〜 6 days before :10%
  • 5 days before 〜 4 days before :20%
  • 3 days before 〜 2 days before :20%
  • 1 day before :50%
  • The day :80%
  • No-show :100%


You can pay only by credit card.
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Beautiful design! Farmhouse Guest House Tatsuya


Hosu gun anamizu machi Ishikawa


It takes 15 minutes by taxi from Noto Airport.





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