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Jyujuan, an old private house inn and restaurant

Play around with nature and the countryside!

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Based in a 150-year-old traditional Japanese house, this is an experience-type inn where you can enjoy the fun of the countryside to the fullest. We have prepared a menu of various experiences depending on the season. The experience fee is included in the room rate, so you can enjoy a variety of experiences throughout the day. (STAY JAPAN cannot list options free of charge, so experiences are available for ³ each per group.)

Depending on your request and availability of reservations, experience menus can be offered from 10:00 a.m. on check-in days and until 3:00 p.m. on check-out days. (Rooms are available from 3 p.m. to 11 a.m.)
Please choose your desired experience from the options and apply for it, and we will adjust the schedule if you consult with us about the time of your experience.

Jyuyuan is located in the quiet village of Tajima, surrounded by the emerald green Hida River and lush green mountains, where you can enjoy the luxury of nature. The JR Takayama line runs twice an hour. The scenery of green mountains, the Hida River, and the train passing through the rice paddies is different from that of the city.

You can enjoy the countryside from morning till night with seasonal experiences such as vegetable growing and harvesting, rice planting, rice harvesting, cooking local dishes, fishing, playing in the river, playing in the mountains, and walking.
Children are welcome.
Year-round, experience making fields, bamboo skewers, walking, and wreath making.
During this season, you can experience trout fishing at a trout fishing spot, walking around 4 waterfalls, rice planting, SUP, doronko (a Japanese traditional Japanese rice plant), and making hoba-zushi.

Experience Plan (Example 1)
3:00 pm Check in
5:00 pm Make ayu fish skewers
6:30 pm Dinner Irori (open hearth) Grill ayu fish with salt using the bamboo skewers you made.
    Go to bed
7:00 am Breakfast Japanese style
9:00 am Walking around Tajima  
10:30 am Harvesting and cultivating the fields
Noon Lunch Barbecue (extra charge)
1:30 pm Wreath making (end of May to beginning of July)
3:00 pm Check out

Experience Plan (Example 2) April to November
3:00 pm Check-in
6:00 pm Dinner Enjoy Irori (traditional Japanese hearth)
    Go to bed
7:00 am Breakfast Japanese style
   (Walking around Tajima, you can walk along the Hida River for about 1 hour)
10:00 am Trout fishing experience at trout fishing ground
Noon Lunch at trout fishing spot
1:00 pm Walk around 4 waterfalls
3:00 pm Check out to Jyujuan
Trout fishing experience is also available on the day of check-in.
The trout fishing experience is also available on the day of check-in. 500 yen for each trout (fried and grilled) is included in the accommodation fee. Other trout caught will cost 300 yen each.

Experience Plan (Example 3)
May 21 (Sun.) and May 27 (Sat.) only
10:00 am Gather at Shinden, Kanayama-cho
Rice planting, rice paddy SUP, and playing in the dirt
(Please come in clothes you don't mind getting dirty. Changing rooms are available)
11:30 am Wash off the mud with hot spring water.
Noon Lunch: Hoba Sushi and Miso Soup
1:00 pm Walk around 4 waterfalls
3:00 pm Check in at Jyujuan
6:00 pm Dinner Enjoy Irori (traditional Japanese hearth)
Go to bed
7:00 am Breakfast Japanese
11:00 am Check out
In case of rain, we will change to making Houba Sushi.

This is the season for this type of experience, but we will accommodate your request whenever possible, so please contact us to discuss your needs.

For meals, we will provide rustic countryside menus with locally grown seasonal vegetables.
You can rest your body and play in various experiences while feeling nature.
You will also have a chance to meet and have fun with local people.

* We will pick you up from Hida Kanayama Station. It takes about 3 minutes by car.
* A caretaker will be stationed on the 2nd floor. This is not a one-building rental.
 We can accommodate up to 14 people per day.
 Guests may freely use the coworking space on the 2nd floor.
 There are no locks on the guest rooms, so please take care of your valuables by yourself.
* Please be quiet after 10:00 p.m. as Jyujuan is located in a quiet mountain village.
* Smoking is not permitted on the premises.
* Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies.
* There are two outdoor cats. They come and go from the caretaker's room.
* If you are allergic to cats, please refrain from using this room.
* Mini kitchen is available.
* Kitchen is fully equipped with tableware. Cooking utensils are available upon request. 
* We will prepare them for you if you ask us when you use the room.

*Accommodation Rates (per person)
The basic rate is for one adult (breakfast included).
If you wish to have dinner, please add it from the options.

Children's rate
Please apply for the room charge for children from elementary school to high school students from the option.
Children under 3 years old are free of charge. (If you need to prepare a bedding and meals, please apply for the child's rate.)

Discount for consecutive nights
After the second night, a flat rate of 8,000 yen for adults, 5,000 yen for elementary to high school students, and 1,500 yen for preschool children will be discounted.
Preschool children will receive a discount of 1,500 yen.
Please call us if you would like to stay for two consecutive nights. Inquiry: 090-5600-1540

Breakfast: rice, miso soup, grilled fish, pickles, side dishes
Dinner From October to May, Irori menu: 3 kinds of appetizers,
grilled vegetables, chicken and fish, Houba miso, venison,
rice, miso soup, dessert
In summer, barbecue, etc.

We provide a bath for home use. Please note that it is shared with the caretaker. Amenities are provided in the changing rooms (towels, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, razor blades, shower caps, cotton swabs/cotton buds).

There is a day spa about 5 minutes away by car. We can pick you up and drop you off, so please let us know if you would like to use the hot spring.
One-day Onsen: Michi-no-Eki Karren Bathing hours: 11:00-19:15 (last admission)
Gero Onsen is also only 30 minutes away by car.

Please note that the washrooms are located in the same building as the changing rooms of the bathhouse, so they are not available for use if someone is taking a bath in them.

Toilets are located next to the bathrooms. The restroom is located next to the bathhouse and has a flush toilet with a bidet function.

*Nearby Restaurants
Azuma (coffee shop), Torisho (ramen shop), Oofukuya (soba noodle shop), Szechuan (Chinese restaurant)

*Nearby supermarkets and convenience stores
JA Supermarket, Genky, 5 minutes by car. Super Matsuoka, 6 minutes by car.
Daily Yamazaki convenience store, 3 minutes by car.

*Nearby tourist spots
Kinkotsu Meguri, Yokoya Gorge Four Waterfalls, Iwayin Ruins Kinzan Gigantic Stone Group, Iwaya Dam, Shichisou(七宗) Dam, Fire Road Gekirekiwa, Sasahora(笹洞) Mine Mineral Hunting (Hotaruseki), Mt. Yanadani (簗谷山), Mitsuminesan (三峰山), Somo Kato(加藤素毛) Memorial Museum, etc.
30 minutes by car to Gero Onsen car. 1 hour and 30 minutes to Takayama by car.



(Consumption tax and fee included)
  • Elementary to high school studentswith breakfast
  • Children's rate: 1 night with breakfast(3-6 years old)
  • Adult Dinner ExtraIf you would like to have dinner, please add this.
  • Elementary to high school students1 night with 2 meals
  • Children's rate(3-6 years old) 1 night with 2 meals
  • Making Ayu Bamboo SkewersDinner: Making bamboo skewers of ayu on the hearth (only for those who have applied for dinner)
  • Growing and harvesting vegetablesGrowing vegetables in spring, harvesting in summer and autumn
  • Making a natural wreathWhile walking around Tajima, we collect materials and make natural wreaths.
  • Walking around TajimaWhile walking around Tajima, you can enjoy the seasonal expression of the village. There is also a stamp rally for children. If you get everything, you'll get something...
  • Hoba sushi (朴葉寿司) makingLimited time from the end of May to mid-July.
  • Rice planting, rice field SUPLimited to May 21 (Sun) and May 27 (Sat). It will be done about 10 minutes by car from Juryan Temple.


Room type
Entire Place
Traveler number
No bed




Host Approval
Not required
Minimum nights
1 night
Maximum nights
30 nights


Smoking is prohibited in all rooms. Please smoke in the designated smoking area.
Please be considerate of neighboring residences, and please be quiet after 10:00 p.m.
Staff will be on duty at night. Please note that we do not rent out the entire building.
Please refrain from renting to those who are allergic to animals, as there are cats in the house.




  • Kitchen
  • Bathtub
  • Desk
  • Couch
  • Air Conditioning
  • Drying Rack
  • Iron
  • TV
  • Fridge
  • Washing Machine
  • Microwave Oven
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Hair Dryer
  • Internet
  • Bed/Futon


お布団は14名様分ご用意しています。 Futons are available for 14 persons.


  • Face Towel
  • Bath Towel
  • Bed Sheets
  • Bath Mat
  • Hand Soap
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Disposable Mask
  • Body Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Detergent
  • Tableware
  • Kitchenware
  • Toothbrush
  • Pajamas
  • Hangers


室内着用にスウェット上下と作務衣をご用意しております。 Sweatshirts and samue are available for indoor wear.


  • Ventilation
  • Pick-up Service
  • Family Friendly
  • Free Parking
  • Luggage Storage
  • Coronavirus Precautions


Daily price
Weekend price
Not set
Cleaning fee
Free of charge
1 week discount
Not set
2 week discount
Not set
Monthly discount
Not set
Additional cost per person
¥18,975/night(with tax) From the first 2 people
Weekend additional cost per person
Not set/night(with tax) From the first 2 people

The above rates are basic rates (including consumption tax and service fee) and may vary depending on the itinerary and season.
The “Total (Tax included)” displayed after entering the check-in and check-out dates and the number of guests already includes consumption tax and service fees. No additional charges will be added until the reservation is approved.


  • More than 8 days ago :0%
  • 7 days before 〜 6 days before :10%
  • 5 days before 〜 4 days before :20%
  • 3 days before 〜 2 days before :20%
  • 1 day before :50%
  • The day :80%
  • No-show :100%


You can pay only by credit card.
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Jyujuan, an old private house inn and restaurant


Gero shi Gifu


It takes 20 minutes on foot from JR Takayama Main Line hidakanayama Station.





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